30th May 2019

To: Our Valued Stakeholders,

At BLD Plantation Bhd. Group of Companies (BLDP), we recognize the significance of the role and responsibility we play as part of the palm oil industry, with the aim that our products and the products that we source are produced in a responsible and sustainable manner.

We believe that the management practices of BLDP must be addressed holistically to ensure longevity and stability to provide livelihoods for the local community, as well as reduce pressure on forests and sensitive ecosystems.

At this juncture, we are pleased to share with you our Sustainable Palm Oil Policy which we have developed over the past few months with feedbacks sought from several key stakeholders. Our Sustainable Palm Oil Policy encompasses the following guiding principles and is effective immediately:

  • Protection of High Carbon Stock (HCS) forests
  • Conservation and maintenance of High Conservation Value (HCV) areas
  • No new development on peatlands
  • Protection of the rights of workers
  • Respect the rights of indigenous and local communities

We acknowledge that this implementation takes time. As a first and immediate step, BLDP has halted all new land development until the completion of our policy delivery roadmap. Furthermore, any future new development will require HCV/HCS assessments before commencement, and peatlands will not be developed. We target to develop and release our implementation plan as well as our Grievance Procedure by in the coming weeks with the guidance of our consultants.

BLDP endeavours to work with our third party suppliers to realise the principles of our Policy. We welcome feedback and communication with our local communities, workers and other relevant stakeholders for the continuous improvement of our Sustainable Palm Oil Policy.

We take this written opportunity to express our gratitude for the past support, and sincerely look forward to working on our sustainability journey together for the future.

Please click here to view our Sustainable Palm Oil Policy



Executive Director